Pupusas Of cheese, pork and revueltas with salsa and curtido

Pupusas are tortillas made from corn or rice and then stuffed with cheese, pork crackling, beans, shrimp, among other options.

They are aten with “Curtido” (a mixture of cabbage, carrots, jalapeños in vinegar) and special tomato sauce.

The most common pupusas are made with corn dough. Rice pupusas are usually eaten on the outskirts of the capital San Salvador and they originated in a town called Olocuilta.

Note that, by Legislative Decree, every second Sunday of November is considered “Pupusas National Day”.


How to prepare the dough:

There are different brands of flour to make the dough. We recommend using the Maseca type. Follow the instructions on the bag and make as many cups of flour as you like, estimating the amount of pupusas to be prepared.

After mixing the dough, cover and set aside.


How to prepare the fillings:


– 3 cups shredded Salvadoran pupusa cheese (quesillo) or you can mix mozzarella and ricotta.

– 3 or 4 tablespoons of sour cream.

– ½ to 1 cup of ground loroco (to taste)

– You can use finely chopped green pepper – Salt to taste.

Mix the ingredients into a paste. It should not be to liquid. Do not drain.



Pork crackling:

– 1 ½ cup pork rinds

– ½ cup water

– 4 cooked tomatoes

– Salt to taste


Bring water to boil, add the pork rinds and simmer for 10 minutes. Peel the tomatoes and remove seeds, leaving only the pulp. If you like, you can fry garlic with the pork rinds for a twist.

Let it cool and grind the pork rinds with the tomatoes and season with salt.

You will have two cups of chicharrón mixture. Once fried, grind in a blender with about 4 or 5 medium tomatoes, 1 large green pepper, 1 medium onion (depending on the amount you want to make pork rinds), and salt.

For Pupusas are not very dry crackling, follow this method and add to the mix a little of the same fat goodbye to fried pork rinds.


Revueltas (mixed):

– Ground fried beans (from a can or prepared to your own taste).

– Chicharrón

– Cheese or any mixture of your choice


Take two tablespoons of dough form a ball with your hands and make a tortilla clapping with your hands. Form a depression in the dough, add the filling, and cover it with the dough. Pat carefully so as not to leave out the filling.Cook on a grill with a little oil,  on a low heat. If you have an electric iron griddle, you can use with a temperature between 325 ° to 350 ° degrees F. the pupusas will be rady when the flour and filling are cooked and you see “solar sports” form on the outside.


Curtido and red sauce:


• Cabbage chopped (not so fine) passed through boiling water.

• Medium onions, sliced or tiny onions (whole)

• Carrot cut lengthwise

• Cooked green beans

• Beet (optional)

• Radishes (optional)

• Finely chopped red pepper (optional)

• Vinegar

• Water

• 1 ½ teaspoon of oregano

• Salt to taste

1) mix all the ingredients in a glass jar (or plastic) with big opening.

2) Depending on the size of the glass add more vinegar than water (3 / 4 vinegar and 1 / 4 of water more or less depending on how strong you like in curtido).

3) Mix everything with a wooden spoon.

4) Let stand in refrigerator for a week.


Tomato sauce:

• large tomatoes (the number of tomatoes depends on the amount of sauce you want to make)

• 1 green pepper

• 1 medium onion

• 2 cloves of garlic

• 1 chicken seasoning cube

• Cilantro (optional)

• Water

• Salt to taste

Cook all ingredients with a little water. Peel the tomatoes. Put all the ingredients in the blender in blender and blend. Finish cooking the sauce for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally.



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