Parque Nacional El Boquerón

If you want a daytrip that combines sight seeing and adrenaline, you can visit Parque El Boquerón just 20 minutes from San Salvador.

Located on top of San Salvador volcano at eighteen hundred meters this park main attraction is an amazing crater 5 kilometers in diameter and 558 meters deep. Amazing as it sounds, there is a small crater within the crater named “Boqueroncito” (little Boquerón).

El Boquerón enjoys a cool climate year round. The park offers many walking trails thru pine trees where you can appreciate the beauty of plants cultivated in this site. Among the plant species identified are ornamentals such as “cartuchos”, hydrangeas, begonias and wild “sultanas”. There is wildlife such as armadillos, raccoons, deer, foxes, among others.

You can request the company of guides, such as the Tourism Police (POLITUR) if you are brave and fit enough to hike down to “El Boqueroncito” inside the large crater. From there you can see the “Picacho” the highest point of the volcano, which is an excellent place for mountain biking.

If you just want to relax an enjoy the views, there are many viewpoints and restaurants along the road that leads to EL Boquerón, most of them with stunning views of San Salvador and the surrounding valleys.

Worth noting that El Boquerón last eruption took place in 1917 causing extensive damage to San Salvador and other towns as Nejapa, Quezaltepeque where large amounts of lava can still be seen at the site known as El Playón, outside the city.


Open to the public from: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Sunday


– Adults: US$ 1.00

– Car Parking: US$ 1.00

– Buses and minibuses: US$ 3.00

– Children under 8 and seniors: FREE

For tourist information and to request POLITUR call (503) 2243-7835, extension 165.

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