Cerro de las Pavas

Cerro de Las Pavas is a landmark at the town of Cojutepeque, this site is a great tourist attraction and a place where Catholic pilgrims visit the shrine of Virgin Fatima. Every May 13th thousands of parishioners walk to this place in remembrance of the apparition that took place in Portugal in 1917. Another important […]

Buena Vista Farm

If you want to relax and forget about the routine try the mountain setting at Buena Vista Farm, located at El Cerro de las Pavas in Cojutepeque. Just 45 minutes from San Salvador, Finca Buena Vista has ample facilities where you may enjoy cool climate, surrounded by a fascinating view of Lake Ilopango. There are […]


If you want to combine nature and privacy Tekuani Kal may be your best bet at El Tunco Beach. This is a beautiful hotel, and it is sponsored by the National Tourism Registry (RNT).   Located at Playa El Tunco, it is the preferred location for many surfers, who want an original place to stay. […]

Ecoparque El Espino

Just 10 kilometers from the city of Santa Tecla, there is a quiet place far from the hustle of the city, the name: Ecoparque El Espino. Ecoparque El Espino is located in the Villa of the same name in the foothills of San Salvador volcano, near San Salvador. Visitors will enjoy the natural beauty of […]